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Who are the Severe Behaviour Response Teams (SBRTs)?

The Severe Behaviour Response Teams are a mobile workforce of staff including nurse practitioners, nurses, allied health and specialist staff – available to provide timely expertise & advice to Commonwealth funded approved residential aged care providers requiring assistance with addressing the needs of people with severe and very severe Behavioural and Psychological Symptoms of Dementia (BPSD).

Who operates the SBRTs?

The Severe Behaviour Response Teams are a service provided by HammondCare and funded by the Australian Government. HammondCare works with Wesley Mission Brisbane and Australian Regional and Remote Community Services as industry partners for the delivery of the National SBRT.


What do the SBRT consultants do?

The SBRT consultants provide a responsive and tailored approach to support you to meet the needs of residents with the most severe and extreme behavioural and psychological symptoms of dementia. The team use a hybrid case management / consultancy approach to ensure that we work along side you and support you in trialling, evaluating and embedding strategies to bring about sustainable improvements.

What locations do the SBRTs work in?

The SBRTs work across Australia and are available from 7am to 7pm, seven days a week (including public holidays).

What help can the SBRTs offer?

SBRTs can assess the causes of the behaviours, assist care staff until the immediate crisis is resolved, develop a care plan to address and deal with behaviours, then provide follow up assistance as needed.

This may include the training and up skilling of staff to enable them to appropriately manage residents with severe behaviours.

SBRT staff work face to face, over the phone and via video conferencing.

What are the qualifications of staff employed in the SBRT?

The SBRT is staffed with a broad range of medical and allied health professionals, including nursing, occupational therapy, neuropsychology, and psychogeriatric / geriatric medical specialists. This broad range of expert input is available to all referrals ensuring comprehensive and holistic support. The service is overseen by our Clinical Governance Lead, Associate Professor Stephen Macfarlane, Psychogeriatrician.

How can I access the SBRTs?

New referral?

All referrals to the SBRTs must be made through the Dementia Behaviour Management Advisory Service (DBMAS).

DBMAS have procedures in place to decide when the SBRT is the best service option or when DBMAS can provide the right support.

To contact DBMAS, please call 1800 699 799 at any time. For more information visit their website.

Visit DBMAS Website

DBMAS referral?

The SBRT are only able to accept referrals from approved DBMAS providers.

If you are a DBMAS team member, login here to make your referral.

For all other issues contact us on 1300 014 424.

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Existing referral?

To discuss an existing referral with the SBRT, please call 1300 014 424.

In an emergency please call 000.   If you are experiencing a medical emergency please call 000.